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These are typically my personal conclusion regarding the top money back charge card that we listed above. This realization are derived from these graph.

These are typically my personal conclusion regarding the top money back charge card that we listed above. This realization are derived from these graph.

Month-to-month spending RM3,000.00 to RM5,000.00, ideal cards was Alliance Bank Platinum cards at money back price between 0.96percent to 1.38%. Following close try Alliance lender Younique mastercard at cash return speed between 0.94percent over at this site to 1.37percent.

Month-to-month investing RM5,000.00 to RM100,000.00, better card is actually Affin Bank at cash back price of 0.80%..

Month-to-month expenses RM100,000.00 and above finest card is actually market financial Platinum Card at money back price of 0.90%.

With relate to above bottom line, you can be a lot more innovative blend & fit the above mentioned credit being optimize your earnings rebate. As an example, for monthly expenses of RM15,000.00 , charge RM5,000.00 to Alliance Bank Platinum Card, after that RM5,000.00 to Alliance financial Younique credit plus the relax to Affin lender bank card. Just use your creativity.

However, if you intend to accomplish your buying any kind of time particular business having special money back venture these types of at icon, then it’s easier to need Giant Citibank bank card as they give the finest finances discount during that specific business.

Any feedback or anything you would want to mention, go ahead and leave your commentary.

Inform (11 February 2010)

1. criterion Chartered was actually opening requirement Chartered JustOne Titanium Mastercard that provide up to 5% earnings rebate. Take a look here for details.

2. Hong Leong financial have actually 1per cent profit rebate card via their particular CHARGE crucial charge card.

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hello, i do believe u pass up 1 card from HLB. Essential cards from HLB with 1per cent profit rebate for all order without any capping amount.

Yes i did so miss the card which you mentioned. Whenever I performed the analysis in March 2009, that card was yet are reintroduced to the industry. But I have a post on CHARGE crucial Card whenever cards was reintroduced in November 2009. Look at the change part under this post.

Once I do have more free time, i am going to put this credit for the testing at the same time.

Hi, how about Ambank bank cards? any good present? tq

As of now AmBank do not have cash discount bank card.

Could there be or maybe there is any latest contrast for funds discount credit?

If you are searching at mastercard that offer cashback on all purchase then check Hong Leong important cards and Alliance Younique/Platinum cards. Crucial credit present 1per cent rebate limitless amount while alliance around 1.38%.

Should you consider particular merchant card, look for AMEX silver charge card, 5X details at Hypermarket & gas. 5X factors equivalent to 2.5percent rebate.

Alternalive check for Alliancee financial Debit Card. Obtained 3 cards. Classic 1percent, Platinum 1.5per cent & advanced 2per cent rebate.

I might revise the research after.

SCB one titanium no in malaysia. They get back liao.

Thanks a lot for your email.

Related to the below talked about procedure, kindly take note that Standard Chartered lender Malaysia features discontinued the Justone Titanium bank card. We plead to differ that cards is likely and usable in Malaysia nevertheless the aspects aren’t in your area propelled.

Hopefully we clarified the situation accessible. Thanks.

Yes, they stop but we manage to acquire one previous. I really hope i will still deploying it for a couple most age. ??

You need to take into consideration your quantum of yearly charge may off-set a lot of the cash-back discount. If a financial waives the annaul fee (like EON/HL/CIMB-direct accessibility), the power is equal to purchasing RM 10000 with a-1% cash return or RM20000 with a 0.5percent cash back. A lot of us don’t even spend that sum of money on all of our bank cards in annually, thus think hard.

You better inquire the financial institution to waive the annual fee. Lots of bank will waive it.

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