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Assure every individual jumper descends in the the proper increase

Assure every individual jumper descends in the the proper increase

Secure your own bragging liberties now! SkyJump is actually a heartpounding, scream-inducing, open-air step from 829 base over the neon remove and holds a Guinness World Record given that greatest commercial decelerator descent premises. Youa€™ll zoom toward the landing pad at rates topping 40 miles per hour even though the crowds below gasp and applaud the bravado.

Reservations & Suggestions 800.998.6937

All bookings predicated on availableness

Time and rates

Monday – Thursday | 2pm-10pm monday – Sunday | 2pm-10pm time is subject to alter with no warning

Bookings & Details 800.998.6937


SkyJump | $129.99

SkyJump Picture Plan | $144.99 Has SkyJump and photographs.

Arm Videos Package | $164.99 Our affordable! Consists of SkJump plus private a€?wristcama€? and electronic photo, all sent on a USB stick.

PROMOTIONS HOTEL VISITORS resorts guests of The STRAT resorts, Casino & SkyPod and Nevada neighbors can experience SkyJump for a decreased cost of $99.99. Lodge guests must reveal their room trick on SkyJump Store whenever reserving their particular reservation, and natives must provide a Nevada ID whenever examining around.

SKYJUMP FLUID NERVE GRATEFUL TIME 3PM-5PM DAILY obtain 20per cent off SkyJump and obtain a free of charge Liquid bravery shot at 108 products. Must buying from the STRAT Box-office. Small space offered. Free chance should be from Liquid Courage photos eating plan listings. A non-alcoholic beverage replaced upon demand and SkyJumpers under 21.


Do you know the lbs specifications?

Jumper must weigh under 265 lbs.

Could I deliver my very own recording products?

No private tracking gadgets are permitted a€“ only providers recommended recording products will likely be authorized.

What weather will power down the trip?

Journey will shut as a result of bad weather. SkyJump cannot manage during gusts of wind over 44 miles-per-hour, and other intense ailments like heavier rain and lightning. Fortunately, this is Las Vegas and weeks are usually clear and sunny.

In which’s the best spot for my friends/family to watch myself from?

There clearly was a very good monitoring region next to the SkyJump getting pad, found correct away from SkyJump shop. People can view SkyJumpers descending from the absolute comfort of reclining chaise lounges immediately underneath the platform.

Is there a secure destination to placed my personal products while I move?

Yes, SkyJumpers will have access to their personal locker, with a key.

Do you have a unique “locals” terms?

Yes, locals can get for $99.99. Addititionally there is a a€?localsa€? rebate for Tower entrance.

What is AirHop?

Oahu is the best sky jump in united states in addition to greatest in this field. SkyJump is actually a controlled origin, similar to a vertical zip range. The launching pad is throughout the 108th floor in the STRAT Hotel, Casino & SkyPod in nevada, 855 Golden Tiger casino reviews foot above the Las Vegas Strip. Jumpers were harnessed in and mounted on a cable which connected with a descender device. Tips guide cables keep consitently the SkyJumper on training course and on target. Before achieving the fast approaching floor, the SkyJumper try slowed down for a controlled and secure landing.

Exactly how secure could it be?

SkyJump enjoys controlled since April 2010 with over 200,000 leaps. It is examined every day by our very own experience engineers and it is licensed yearly.

Just how many riders?

SkyJump nevada try a solo event. Its restricted to one SkyJumper each time.

What exactly do my buddies create while I’m getting ready to hop?

Friends and family might be plenty amused because they peruse the SkyJump shop as well as other stores in the Retail stores on STRAT. They may be able in addition move committed experiencing the numerous destinations inside Ones STRAT resorts, Casino & SkyPod.

What if I want to try it again?

You can, for $59.99, should you decide stay matched up-and get the exact same time or buy the re-jump while getting the very first jump. Or you can put money into a SkyJump plan such as videos of hop, so you’re able to relive the experience time and again.

How much time should I cost?

Between becoming matched right up, using the lift drive towards the 108th flooring, undergoing numerous protection checks, sitting on the ledge associated with SkyPod and using the 855-foot dive, the knowledge totals about 35 to 45 minutes.

Exactly what else will there be accomplish from inside the SkyPod except that heavenshop?

The STRAT resort, Casino & SkyPod may be the tallest observation tower for the U.S. and another of the most extremely interesting tourist attractions among Vegas Strip resort hotels with enjoyment it’s not possible to come across elsewhere, like international stores and unique rides, like gigantic try, X-Scream and Insanity the drive. There are numerous places to grab a glass or two, such as 108 Eats on amount 108 and 107 SkyLounge on amount 107. There is an award-winning cafe, the surface of the industry, and a major international marketplace, the merchandising Retailers at STRAT. The observance platform has become voted every year as “where to look at Las vegas, nevada” because of the Las vegas, nevada Review-Journal.

Imagine if I chicken on once I’ve already compensated?

You might not getting reimbursed. You can expect to see a “Chicken Out” coupon for what had been initially bought and could become transferable to a different individual.

Exactly why do you should know how much we weigh?

Manage I want to wear unique clothing?

No. You will be suited up in airleap’s custom made “jumpsuit.” Wea€™ll provide you with a couple of Sky Shoes for leaping.


Era The age requirement was 14 age or earlier. Riders under 18 years need parental guidelines with a valid ID being hop. If a parent or protector is not present, a notarized page must certanly be displayed giving permission. A parent or guardian associated with the son or daughter MUST sign a waiver stating your youngsters is within a healthy body and this ita€™s OK when it comes down to youngster to move. All SkyJumpers needs a valid ID upon check-in.

Top The minimum level requirement is actually 52 ins high without maximum, though the SkyJumper must fit into the harness securely and securely.

Weight maximum weight convenience of an invitees was 265 pounds. The SkyJump journey has to incorporate the extra weight on the 10-pound harness and products for a total lbs ability of 275 lbs. (125 kg)

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